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You Drag Them Out!”

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A Record Book Buck!

Large whitetail buck attracted using Buck Magic - Deer Hunting Season 2018

"Thank you Buck Magic!!"

– Scott Bolstad (First-time customer who opted to try Buck Magic via word-of-mouth; now converted to a repeat customer)


Large whitetail buck attracted using Buck Magic

– Scuba Steve from Minnesota

The Peper tribe… 3 wonderful generations, and loyal Buckmagic patrons!

Family of three standing next to two bucks they harvested using Buckmagic Scent Trail

Morning hunt complete! I [owner of Buckmagic] know this family, and you can't find a more kind and more community asset of folks that care! They use the Buckmagic Scent Trail! CONGRATULATIONS Dave and Emily!

Buck attracted and taken using Buck Magic

"My wife's first time using Buckmagic, and her first deer in her life! It's so powerful "

– Jeff from Minnesota

White Tailed buck attracted and taken using Buck Magic

"Beautiful buck harvested by Buck Magic advocate!"

– Wade Loch

Large white tail deer attracted and taken using Buck Magic

"First deer with a bow! Huge body, and trophy on it's own merit!"

– Valued Buck Magic User

Large white tail deer attracted and taken using Buck Magic

"Nice buck at 8:00 AM on the opener, using Buckmagic! BCKMAGIC BUDDY"

– John Nienaber Jr.

2017 Ohio 9-Pointer

Large 9-Point White Tail Buck taken by a hunter in 2017 using Buck Magic

"Mark, Just dropping you a line to tell you how much I love Buck Magic! Nailed this 9-pointer in Ohio last season using your Buck Attractant! Looking forward to what it's going to pull out of the woods in Maryland this season!"

– Tim S.

"Mark, I am 63 years old and started hunting at 10 years old.

I have tried every deer lure known to man, but yours is by far the best!

I always see deer using your products and have seen some GIANT bucks too!! Can't wait to get the 2018 batch. Thanks Mark!"

– Don M.

Large White Tail Buck taken by a hunter using Buck Magic Large White Tail Buck taken by a hunter using Buck Magic

Another Monster!

"Mark, this guy came in and walked right to it!

– H.

"Am I happy with it? I WOULDN'T HUNT UNTIL I RECEIVED IT!! You have the very best products out there and anyone that's not using them are missing out on seeing and killing more deer.

Plus, I have not been busted yet using the Trail Scent. All I do is spray my boots one time, put two to three areas around my stand; it depends upon the wind as to where I put it. Then I spray the bottom of my tree with two sprays, then once I get up in the tree I spray the tree on each side. There is no telling how many deer have came from down wind and I have never been busted.

The BEST products out there! If you use something else you aren't seeing the deer you could be."

– Mike Z.

"I shot my biggest buck EVER this past year and the biggest deer harvested between all my buddies. I used Buck Magic and had 3 bucks within the first 2-hours of my morning hunt; 2 were big and I killed on of them. Thanks for an awesome product!"

– Russell B.

"Thank you for your fine product."

– Mark H.; Pope County Minnesota

"I shot this at 40 yards! This buck stopped for a sniff of buckmagic. What a mistake for him!"

- Steve (Scuba); Midwest Minnesota; Bow Hunting

Trophies, Trophies, Trophies

"A friend of mine told me about this product and told me NOT to tell anyone about them. This was four years ago.

I started using the Buck Magic in the container. The bucks will come to this BIG TIME during the rut and even when the rut isn't in yet. The Trail Scent in the bottle, I use it year round. It smells just like deer, and does and bucks come in with this BIG TIME. I spray three areas around my stand, about waist high, so the wind will take it out and all deer will come in to it. I spray my tree at waist high and at the top of my stand on the tree. And I have NEVER been busted by any deer.

I will never use any thing else but Buck Magic and the Trail Scent. I take a couple does early, then I'm hunting for mature bucks 5 years and older. I do not hunt on leased or private land. I hunt public land only and you can see what I have taken in the last four years using the Buck Magic and Trail Scent. I NEVER GO IN THE WOODS WITHOUT THEM.

If you try them, you will never use any other product again!"

– SUPER Mike; Louisiana; Bow Hunter

A GREAT Hunter!

Mr. Zimmerman of Louisiana!
God bless him, and we are grateful for the Buckmagic picture!

Sheriff Troy Wolberson with a trophy buck, using Buck Magic. He's a great Hunter, and said the buck came right to the tray! Thank you, sheriff Wolberson for your impecible service, and for sharing your picture and story!

My dad shot this trophy buck when he was 80 years old… it was lured in using Buck Magic. It was the trophy of a lifetime, he won't hunt without it!

– Daniel & Karla G.

The Fergeson gang using Buckmagic… ALWAYS!

Another 2017 customer using the BEST!

"I ordered your products and out of nowhere comes a giant 8 pointer. I didn't get a shot but I know that buck came right into the scent tray! Thanks again mark."

– Product User

Remarks from 12/9/16

"Hey Mark,
I took some time off work... vacation. Got a buck, 4 point - 3 years old. It went right to the scent tray. Am so happy, I now have vension for the freezer. Your products work GREAT! Thanks."

- Joey

A Beautiful Midwest Buck!

- Product User

Start a Family Tradition of Hunting Success!

Just wanted to share these pics with you and express our sincere thanks for making a great product. This is my 11 year old daughters first deer, now this might not be a trophy to everyone but for my daughter this might as well have been a 200" buck. This deer came in on a string down wind right to the bottom of the tree. If you look close you can see your product at the bottom of the tree with the deer laying a few feet away. It made believers out of us. Thanks again!"


- Chris Schneider

Whitetail Buck harvested by Scuba
Whitetail Buck Mount

"We want more buckmagic juice [Scent-trail]! IT WORKS!!!!!!"


- The Renowned Deer Slayer, "Scuba"

- Will Martin; Adams County, Ohio

"Buck Magic helps hide mistakes made by average hunters. It is SO POTENT that it distracts deer enough for them to ignore their defenses just enough to be vulnerable to a bullet or an arrow. THAT is what makes it a superior product. You are too humble to publicly admit this fact."


- MN Hunter

Whitetail Buck shot by Charles Miller
Whitetail Buck shot by Charles Miller

Mark: While I was disappointed that I was unable to purchase Buck Magic this year, due to your pre orders, I was fortunate enough to have had one tray left from last year in my freezer. I pulled it out and used it during the West Virginia season.


Many does came to the tray on opening day, an eleven point buck came in on day two. I usually buy enough trays each year to have a fresh tray for archery/black powder, WV Rifle, and MD rifle and one for my son to use. Since I was using the tray I had in the freezer from last year, my son had left the one he used last year in his stand. He put it out during the early MD black powder season and shot an eight point buck with its nose in the tray!


We both look forward to being able to purchase new trays this coming season.


Thanks brother Mark [for reminding me about the spray], I had completely forgotten about that spray [ScentTrail]. [I] used it a couple years ago, had deer following me to my stand.


- Charles Miller; Westminster, MD

Another Victory!

Here we go again! We recently took a family bow hunting trip to Kansas where my son once again proved the drawing power of Buck Magic. My 13 year old son shot a mature Kansas giant at 10 yards dead down wind. This 147" buck came in directly down wind 100% convinced he was going to find a hot doe at the end of this scent trail and stayed around long enough for him to get stood up and launch a perfectly placed arrow. This scenario played out multiple times on our week long trip. We will never leave for another deer hunt without Buck Magic!"


- Chris Schneider

Buck shot by Jeff Reed

Hunt like a predator! Use every advantage that is offered to you! This hunter was using Buck Magic, and wasn't even in his stand when this beautiful Buck came running out of a swamp, right to the Buck Magic! His Rifle wasn't even loaded yet! "The Buck stood over the Buck Magic and had nothing on his mind but finding that doe!"


- Jeff Reed; Dir. TNUSA, MN, Rifle Hunter & Deer Expert.

Buck shot by Scott Dirkes

- Scott Dirkes; MO 2014
COE-Indirect Sourcing and Procurement | Target Properties | Target | TCC-25-28 | Minneapolis, MN 55403

Whitetail Buck harvested during deer hunting season.

"Hi Mark,
I used your product scent tray in 2008. Harvested a nice 8 point, he was chasing does. The buck got wind of the tray, stopped chasing the does, went right where the scent tray was, and I dropped him in his tracks from 100 yards away.


Please put my name on your list for an order, your great products Rock.
Thanks for your time GOD Bless."


- Joey H.; Repeat Customer

Buck shot by Jackie Smustad

Ms. Jackie Sumstad with first bow-kill! Congratulations, Jackie! Welcome to the Buck Magic Extreme Hunter's Club! You're not alone! (She says her boyfriend has already taken her Buck Magic from her!)

Buck shot during Muzzle Loader season

Here is yet ANOTHER first day kill! This time, late in the season! MUZZLE-LOADING at its finest! This buck was actually BEDDED DOWN, and literally RAN to the BUCK MAGIC SYSTEM!

Whitetail Buck harvested late in the deer hunting season due to Buck Magic

This buck was also a late season kill, first day using Buck Magic!

Whitetail Buck attracted by Buck Magic White-tailed Buck lured by Buch Magic

Yet another giant Buck that stood over Buck Magic after smelling it over 400 yards away!

Harvested Whitetail Buck laying next to Buck Magic scent tray

This Buck dropped within two feet from the Buck Magic system! (Another first-day bow-kill!)

Buck shot by Bill from New York

"Buck Magic",
Here is a picture of a buck magic buck shot on opening day of our New York deer season . I saw him before archery season but never crossed pathes with him untill opening of shotgun season .I shot a 4 point during the archery season using the same tray of BUCK MAGIC but that deer wasn't worthy enough to send a picture of so here is the picture of my 14 point non -typical shot at about 70 yards coming to my BUCK MAGIC tray it brought him out of a thicket about 175 yards downwind of my stand . good stuff 2 thumbs up!



Buck shot by Getty Johnson

Getty Johnson of Minnesota shot this beautiful buck, only MINUTES into Rifle Season!!

Buck Bow-Kill by Mark Perry

Bow kill on opening day! The Buck had his head over the Buck Magic system, was shot, dropped, and fell right next to the Buck Magic scent-tray! Three more deer came up to the Buck Magic, while standing right next to the harvested buck! It's AMAZING! That's why people are talking, folks!


- Bow Kill by Inventor of BUCK MAGIC, and State Director of Ted Nugent's United Sportsmen Of America, Mark David Perry.

Buck shot by Steve from Alexandria, MN

Steve of Alexandria, Buck Magic's Town, with a quick trophy! He is an awesome hunter, though! That is a fact for certain! Great Buck!

Buck shot by Lance Norling

This young man arrowed this Beautiful Buck opening weekend of Archery Season in Minnesota! "The Buck just kept walking towards my Buck Magic, it was as though he was hypnotized! I have tried all different attractants; and Buck Magic is BEST! I just carry it to and from my stand, without having to spend time setting up!"


- Lance Norling; Minnesota Archer

Buck shot by Jesse Ellingson

Jesse Ellingson with first longbow deer. He said that he had 'tons of does and bucks swarming around his Buck Magic!'

Buck shot by Tim Steingass

Mark: I ended up passing on eight smaller buck during bow season and filled my doe-tag. On opening day of rifle I harvested this nice nine point - his G-2's were 11 " and he weighed in at 172 dressed. In Pa this is a true trophy. I had your product on the stand with me in the air to get more of a "spread".


I didn't have a shot for quite awhile because it was so thick. I thought I lost him but the deer lure is what turned him my way. Thanks for a great product!


- Tim Steingass; Shickshinny, Pa

Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave F. Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave F. Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave F.

"When hunting trophy whitetail it's crucial to beat their nose. Whether laying down a scent trail near my stand or hanging a scent wick from a branch, Buck Magic Scent Trail has proven itself for me time and again!"


- Dave F.; Repeat Customer

Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave P. Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave P. Whitetail Buck harvested by Dave P.

"Shot this buck with the help of Buck Magic's Scent Trail. Been using this product since it came to the market. By far, the BEST scent product on the planet... PERIOD. Nobody in our hunting party hunts without this juice. When a product such as this PROVES year after year that it is in a CLASS BY ITSELF... anyone using other products is truly missing out on maximizing their potential afield!!"


- Dave P.; Central MN; Repeat Customer