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Be sure to specify a shipping date of September 1 or October 15!

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For your convenience, we have two different shipping dates to choose from to ensure that you get your Buck Magic in time for your hunting season. September 1st and October 15th are the dates we ship out our Buck Magic orders, so don't forget to place your order before then!


Buck Magic is legal in all 50 states, and available for shipping in USA and Canada. Contact your local DNR official with questions or concerns.


Along with Ordering Online, you can also order by Fax - 320.726.1929 - or email!


We Take Hunting Seriously... Just Like You.

While other companies are watering down their urine lures, we Concentrate ours - showcasing OUTRAGEOUS RESULTS!

Our Buck Magic Extreme Potency Buck Attractant is a stand-alone deer attractant, but to get maximum results, we highly recommend purchasing both products to lure in those nocturnal, trophy bucks! Each sale comes with directions on how to use Buck Magic for maximum effectiveness. Email us anytime with questions or comments about Buck Magic, or even just to share successful hunting stories.

Scent Trail™

Attractant / Cover-Scent

Bottle of ScentTrail™ Attractent / Scent-Cover
Order ScentTrail Now

Price: $42.00

  • Most effective product of its kind
  • Mixture of pure Doe & Buck urine
  • Eliminates human scent; unbelievable purity that attracts deer
  • Puts bucks & does at ease
  • 100% natural

Use alone, or with the Extreme Potency Buck Attractant for maximum results. Even our cover scent formula alone has been known to attract more deer than those of our competitors!

Extreme Potency Buck Attractant™

Tray of Buck Magic Extreme Potency Buck Attractant™
Order Buck Magic Now

ORDER NOW, and have your Buck Magic delivered to your doorstep on your specified date. We want to make your hunt a successful one, and we've got what you want!


Price: $42.00

  • 50 times more powerful than other deer attractants
  • Specialized formula that won't dry out
  • Re-usable container & formula designed to attract deer all season long
  • The only solidified, fresh doe urine available on the market
  • 100% natural
  • No added fillers, no dilution
  • No wasted product
  • No mess

Our Buck Magic formula is the only deer attractant in the USA that has been awarded a US patent.


We feel that this is the single best buck attractant for Whitetail deer in existence. It's the first and only 100% fresh doe-urine in a moist, solidified form on the market that is not only reusable, but exerts 24 square inches of powerful buck attracting scent all hunting season long. Avid hunters choose doe urine as their favorite attractant, and Buck Magic is exactly that. The patented texture and compilation of the urine, along with the flat and vast surface exposed to air via the Buck Magic Scent Tray, is impossible to duplicate with regular bottled urine! A hunter would have to pour a gallon of urine on the ground to give off the powerful deer-attracting scent that Buck Magic does time after time.


While regular urine is absorbed into the ground or scent-wicks, rendering its scent dispersing capabilities all but diminished, Buck Magic is kept clean and clear from the absorbing ground. The attracting element is in a 100% isolated form, making it possible to exert the most extreme scent deliverance. It has constant, direct contact with the air, which makes it infinitely more potent and thus unquestionably more productive to the hunter! If a hunter were to open up a bottle of urine and just let it sit at his or her hunting sight, it would take over fifty open bottles to duplicate a comparable scent disbursement that Buck Magic offers the hunter! Now THAT is powerful!


Also, bucks are less leery to approach a single scent source than scattered drops of urine, which is how bottled urine is used. With the extreme potency of Buck Magic, we see bucks that normally are nocturnal "zero in" and approach the patented Buck Magic scent tray! Bucks that normally would come into a fresh doe urine scent, come in much more quickly. They don't need to circle downwind, trying to figure out where the "doe" is. It's the strong, single source of scent that is more true to life that we see drive the bucks absolutely CRAZY! This is what Buck Magic is all about: emulating the presence of a live doe, using the most powerful scent disbursement along with the easily located single scent source. It's like the "real thing" for the buck.