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You Drag Them Out!”

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Starburst - Order Buck Magic Deer Attractants Now

Buck Magic is the first deer attractant that gets pure, fresh, and highly potent doe urine into the air or wind with a long-lasting formula. The patented technology behind the enhanced potency is one of the top reasons Buck Magic stays effective all hunting season long.

At Buck Magic, our customers are important to us. We feel we can maintain a better relationship with each individual customer when we can ship directly to you, rather than rely on a middleman.


Selling directly to our customers also ensures the quality of our product, as Buck Magic is made only hours before it is sent out and refrigerated prior to shipping - to ensure you are getting the highest quality product available on the market today.

The only special care Buck Magic needs is to make sure to keep it away from temperatures near or at 100 degrees, and avoid direct sunlight. To mimic as closely as possible the characteristics of White-tailed doe urine, our patented formula does not contain any ingredients that could be used as a firming agent, which would be noticeable to mature bucks and possibly scare them away from your stand.


If Buck Magic gets too warm and begins to soften or melt, simply put it in the refrigerator for a few hours until it regains its original texture - just like new.

Simply remove the lid to our patented formula after taking Buck Magic from the Ziploc bag, and place it in the area in which you plan to shoot. Don't worry about the direction of the wind, as the powerful scent of Buck Magic will draw bucks directly to the spot – sometimes from a different direction than what was anticipated.

No, Buck Magic is an estimated 50 times more powerful than an open bottle of other products. Because Buck Magic is so powerful, it can also be used as a cover scent while attracting deer at the same time.

Yes! We hear many stories of hunters using Buck Magic to attract 5 or 6 deer, then passing the unit around to each member of the hunting party for the entire season.


Very frequently, each member of the hunting party will buy his own Buck Magic next hunting season, as no one wants to be the last one to get his trophy buck!