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You Drag Them Out!”

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Starburst - Buck Magic products have been proven on ALL species of deer!

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Happy 2022 to All Buckmagicians!

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P.S. World Famous Buck Magic Scent Tray, when used with the Buck Magic Scent-Trail, PERFECTLY COVERS ALL PHASES OF THE SEASON! By using both, you have all four phases of the rut covered, and the deer go absolutely CRAZY!


The Most Powerful Buck Lure on the Market. REUSABLE & PATENTED!

Welcome to Buck Magic, the only PURE 100% Concentrated Deer Urine lure for attracting bucks that completely mimics the characteristics of a Whitetail doe. Since 1999, we have sold Buck Magic to satisfied customers all across the USA and Canada. We sell our special, US patented Buck Magic formula to outfitters, game preserves, deer-study scientists, private hunters, and photographers with outstanding results. Almost 100% of our customers return to us year after year, with hundreds of success stories and pictures of their beautiful deer and trophy bucks, drawn to a deer stand using Buck Magic.


Real People. Real Service. Real Quality.

At Buck Magic, in addition to providing our customers with the best deer attractant available on the market today, we also believe in giving our customers the best service possible. We sell Buck Magic directly to you; not only to eliminate the "middlemen", but also to provide a real relationship with you. By shipping directly, we can ensure the quality of our product is perfectly maintained, and manufactured only hours before it is shipped to you for the highest-quality freshness.


So Powerful that it is the ONLY Patented Scent Lure Anywhere!

Using deer urine as an attractant is an undisputed way to attract deer. Buck Magic is the only deer lure in the USA that has been awarded a US patent. Our patented, scientific formula can be made even in large quantities, without compromising the quality or effectiveness of our product. We have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and creating a perfect product that not only works, but is one-of-a-kind: something of which we can be proud.


Buck Magic has been recognized and endorsed in many different magazines throughout the years, such as Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild, Minkota Outdoors, National Geographic, Mid-West Outdoors, and many more. Interest has been growing in Buck Magic as it constantly outperforms every other deer lure on the market.


Why let another year slip by without bringing home that picture-worthy trophy buck? Put Buck Magic to the test. We are confident you will be pleased with the results!